János Arany medal

János Arany medal

Presidential Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for Hungarian Scholarship Abroad awarded in 2022 four hungarian researchers living and working abroad with the Arany János Medal.
Among them is Julianna Bika, the american correspondent of the Vienna Diary. 

Julianna Bika "received recognition for the results of her Hungarian-related sociological research in the field of economics and geography-sociology".

In 1974 she graduated from the Károly Marx University of Economics in Budapest with a degree in design and analysis, and in 1976 with a degree in leading-organizing economics. She studied economics in New Orleans and earned a CPA degree.

Also received an János Arany medal:

Rudolf Kastori  (Novi Sad, Szerbia),

György Csaba Varga  (Cluj, Románia),

 Gábor Kassay(Cluj, Románia) Posthumous prize winner