The World in turmoil

The World in turmoil

The year 2022 will go down in history with the surprising certainty that the international institutions, eg. the United Nations, meant to guarantee peaceful solutions to the various conflicts are not functioning well. The best proof for this is that a bloody war is unfolding again inside the geographical borders of Europe, causing tremendous suffering and high-scale energetical crises. We must conclude that the biblical story of Cain and Abel is much more than a symbolical metaphor but a sad human reality.

The future is uncertain, yet we must try to position ourselves in the wider Europen frame, respectively in our closer Easter-Middle-European reality.

The first important notice to us Hungarians is that in the new world order taking shape we must not remain alone. The European Union might commit mistakes and we should participate in their correction instead to refuse European values. We have a couple of historical references of failed decisions which later turned extremely damaging against our national interests, so it would be important to use our experiences well this time. Obstruction certainly is not the right way, only the proactive approach would bring us benefits.

In the narrower frame of Easter-Middle-Europe, we should actively participate in reinvigorating the Visegrad4 group, not as a political contra-balance to the EU but as a proficient lobby group representing our regional interest.

Original: Csáky Pál: Felbolydult világ